Search Function

Filtering your favourite manufacturers and searching requires signing up for a free account.

Manufacturer selections are stored on your account profile for up to 15 minutes while running in the background of your phone. In order to use the feature, you may create a TCN account or login to an existing one. Then tap the "Search" tab at the bottom of the screen and then toggle between the listed manufactureres you would like to see as available wallpapers.

Every manufacturer tile can be toggled on and off, either simultaneously or seperately to narrow down the specific wallpaper you are looking for.

The Trending section below the search box showcases the most liked wallpapers so users have a better idea whats new, and gaining more traction.

Users can also type in the free form text box for a more specifc search term. For instance, if a user wants to search the name of a photographer, Woyshnis media fro example, the user can type in "media" or "lamborghini" and any profile/image with that tag will show up in the Profiles and Wallpaper section.

If a user types anything in the text field that has no profile or images associated with the search term, blank screen will appear that indicates no results were found. The user should now try additional search terms to find the appropriate wallpaper.

Once you've selected your manufacturer you may swipe down or tap the back arrow to see your category changes in the app.

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