Qualifications & FAQ

How big of a following do I need to qualify?

We recommend you have a solid foundation and a following of approximately 1000 followers on at least one social media page. Our current partners have a combined following of over 3,000,000 followers and therefore the partner program is more for established individuals that create amazing, high quality content.

Applying on the website under the "Apply" button gets the process started of our team assessing your following and content. Our main objective at TCN is to esnure that only the original creator of the images are the ones posting content. No fake accounts, stolen images or people attempting to gain clout by posting someone else's images. All wallpapers are direct from the source.

What are the partnership benefits?

  1. Dedicated category for your cotent within TCN

  2. Exposure to thousands of car enthusiasts

  3. Input on future updates so the app is essentially curated by our creators

  4. First dibs on future business opportunities (games, products and more)

  5. Access to TCN analytics

  6. Link to all your social media pages from TCN

  7. Promotional posts of your profile accross our social media pages

How frequently can partners upload wallpapers on TCN?

We encourage all of our partners to keep their followers as up to date as possible. This means posting as often as possible to allow their followers to get a glimpse into their photoshoots and the amazing vehicles they get to be around on a daily basis.

How often is TCN updated?

TCN is updated on a daily basis with new images, manufacturers and features. You can obtain more information on our Change Log for application updates. New wallpapers are created every day.

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